Now Offering Aerial Inspections and Videography

Sometimes a roof is too tall or too steep for an inspector to walk on. This is no problem for us and our drone.

Are you a realtor that wants to give their clients’ water front property a unique view?

Do you have a commercial building or structure that you want to have inspected buy don’t want the added liability or need for a person to be a few hundred feet in the air?

With our Mavic Pro drone, FAA license and FAA waivers for Corpus Christi, we can be your eye in the sky if your project needs it.

Below are a few samples of both edited and unedited videos.

Give us a call or email us to discuss your upcoming inspection or project.

*Most of Corpus Christi is under Class D airspace from 0-2000 feet and requires use to contact the air traffic control before we can fly.